Minecraft Warden

1 December, 2022

Minecraft Warden

You want to learn more about the new Minecraft Warden mob. As part of Minecraft 1.19, this terrifying monster can be found deep within Minecraft's caves. It made its debut in the Minecraft 1.19 snapshot.

The Minecraft Warden patrols deep caverns, and is the only blind mob in Minecraft. What makes the Warden so terrifying? The Warden can track you down even if you don't have sight. Instead, the Warden uses sound to locate players. This means that you will need to be very clever to avoid confrontation with this new mob. If you're smart, you can throw items such as snowballs to get Wardens to move in a different direction. If you are exposed and have no other options, you will need to fight this powerful beast.

We will be sharing everything Mojang has to say about one of the most bizarre Minecraft mobs, including its damage output and health, as well as its movement characteristics, and where it spawns.

Minecraft Warden spawn

Wardens spawn within the Deep Dark biome. This means that you will need to go very far into a cavern expedition to find this mob. Wardens have their own spawn requirements. If the light level drops below 11 and there are no Wardens nearby, a Warden will emerge out of the ground when a player activates Sculk Shrieker 3 times.

If a Warden enters daylight or a room with high light levels, it will instantly burrow itself and disappear forever. It will also bury you after one minute of losing sight of you.

Minecraft Warden tips

How to avoid a Minecraft Warden

Wardens move around and react to the sounds they hear with their skulk. Due to the darkness it emits, Wardens can cause lights to flicker when they pass. This darkness can also affect your vision if you are within close proximity to a Warden.

If you choose to sneak around, the Warden won't notice you as long as your still and make no sound. To distract the Warden, throw snowballs. He will eventually slip by.

If you make too much noise, get too close or scream at a Warden, it will grow more agitated and begin to chase you. There are three options: run away, fight it or throw it off its trail.

A Warden can outrun players running at full speed. If you plan to run it, ensure you have a clear route and enough stamina. It is immune to damage from fire and lava, and will not be affected by water hazards.

There are a few things you can do to get rid of the Warden. First, it can be provoked by other Warden mobs to attack them instead of moving around. You can also confuse it with projectiles and activating a minecart. This will allow you to slip away.

How to defeat a Minecraft Warden

A Warden can have 250 hearts. The Warden's high attack stat and health pool make them the most powerful mobs that can be created naturally in Minecraft. Here are the Warden's stats, which depend on your difficulty level.

– Easy: 8 hearts per hit- Normal: 15 hearts per hit
– Hard: 22.5 hearts per hit

Its attacks disable Minecraft shields temporarily and have a vertical reach of up four blocks. Even if you're wearing Netherite armour, you can be instantly killed by it if you're playing on hard mode.

You'll receive three experience points for killing a Warden. It becomes a sculkblock, and the blocks around it become sculk veins.

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This is all we know so far about the Warden. It's worth spending a few Minecraft candles to brighten up dark passageways.