How to Set your Minecraft Server Spawn

2 January, 2023

How to Set your Minecraft Server Spawn

The spawn (or spawn point) is the location where a player or entity is created in Minecraft. This is the location where new players will be found when they join servers.

If players die without changing their spawn point or using a bed, they will respawn at this location. Many servers have a /spawn command that allows players to teleport back into the world's origin point.

Command: /setworldspawn

- This command will change the spawn point of a Minecraft world to the current location where the command was issued. This command must be used in-game by a server operator. (Related article - Giving Operator to a Player)
- This command can be used with coordinates XYYZ to change the spawn point to the specified coordinates. This command can also be used in the server console. Example: /setworldspawn 10 65 22

Command: /spawnpoint

- This command sets a player's spawn location. This command may not be available depending on how permissions were set up.
This command can be used with a player name to set the current location for the command issuer as the spawn point for the specified player. Example: /spawnpoint Steve
- This command will set the player's spawnpoint to the specified coordinates by using a player name and the coordinates X, Y and Z. Example: /spawnpoint Steve 1065 22
- If a player uses a bed that was created using this command, their spawn point will be moved to the bed's location.