How to make a Minecraft Server?

6 January, 2023

How to make a Minecraft Server?

How to Make a Minecraft server?

Minecraft has a large community, with hundreds of million of active players and fans. Multiplayer Minecraft allows for more adventures and gaming experiences. However, many players are still unsure how to set up a server.

Download the server file from the official website to create your own Minecraft server. Before the server can be used, it will need to first be set up using commands. It is possible to avoid problems by updating Java and Minecraft to the most recent versions.

There are many things to do in Minecraft, but it's not enough to join existing servers. It's much more fun to create your own server for yourself and your friends. Keep reading to learn more about Minecraft servers in 2022 and how to make your own server in just a few steps.

Minecraft servers are custom Minecraft worlds or realms that other Minecraft players can join. This feature is only available in the Minecraft Java Edition. Server members can play together, have fun, and even compete in multiplayer mode.

There are many customization options available for Minecraft servers. You have the option to personalize your server with texture packs, Minecraft skins and seeds, as well as mods. This will allow you to really push the boundaries of gameplay on your own server.

The Minecraft server hosts will also be granted admin capabilities to manage everything on the server. These admin abilities allow the host micro-manage almost all aspects of the server's in-game activities, including weather cycles and mob spawning.

Requirements to A Minecraft Server

Minecraft servers can be owned by anyone. The only thing that can make a server different from the others is the amount of resources you have.

Minecraft servers don't require a lot of power, except for those that are intended to host a few players. These cases may be possible if most players have a sufficient PC to handle the load.

The requirements may seem reasonable for Minecraft players who already play Minecraft 1.18 or higher on their PCs. Fans who are using older versions of Minecraft may need to upgrade their system specs to be able to set up a Minecraft server.

Here are the recommended system requirements to host a server for between 4-6 players while running the most recent version of the game.

Minecraft would transfer between 100 and 150 MB per hour on a vanilla Minecraft server that isn't modded. Players can create their own Minecraft servers, and host them with slower internet speeds and lower specs.

If you're looking to set up a Minecraft server for business purposes, you will need to have a lot of equipment and machinery. Mods and add-ons will require players to have higher internet speeds and more system requirements.

Apex Hosting has provided an overview of the differences in these requirements:

How to Make a Minecraft Server (Java Edition).

It can feel overwhelming to create your own Minecraft server at first. It will be worth it! We have provided images thanks to Beebom.

1. Update Minecraft Java Version

The process will begin by updating Java. To ensure that the server runs smoothly, it will need to be running the most recent version. Follow these steps to update Java on your computer:

- Press the Windows Key to open the start menu
- Type "Configure Java" into the search bar.
- Click on the top search results or open the "Configure Java" app.
- Navigate to Java control panel.
- Click on the second tab, 'Update'.
- Click the "Update Now" option at the bottom right corner.
After you make your selection, a new pop-up window will appear.
- Click on "Update" button.
- The app will ask you to delete Java versions that are already installed on your computer. Players can also leave this option unchecked if they are not sure which Java software is being used on their computer.
- Click on "Update" button.
- Click on the "Install" button.
- The app will automatically install the latest Java version.
2. Download the Minecraft Server File

Players will then need to access the Minecraft server files. Each Minecraft version, including beta updates, has its own server file. However, the Minecraft Java Edition does not allow for the server setup.

To download the server file, visit the official Minecraft server website.
- Click on 'minecraft_server.1.19.1.jar' for the latest update. With more versions and updates, the version number will change.
- If your browser warns about the file, click the 'Keep' button to save it.
3. Setup the Commands to Run The Server

The additional steps required to set up your Minecraft server will require manual preparation. Before a Minecraft server can be used in-game, players will need to prepare it manually.

- Create a text document by right-clicking on the context menu and selecting the "Text Document" option. Make sure this is done in the exact same folder as the downloaded server files.
Double-click the new text document to type the following command.
java -Xmx2048M -Xms2048M -jar minecraft_server.1.18.1.jar nogui
- Players can remove 'nogui" if they don't want the server's graphical interface.
- Players can edit codes ('2048' to change minimum/Xms or maximum/Xmx) according to their needs, provided that the code file name is the same as the downloaded "jar". file.
- Save the file as a.bat file using the 'Save As' option
- Click on 'All Files" under the file type section and save it in the same folder that the server file.
Double-click on the file that you just created (start.bat).
- This will open a command prompt in Windows. The server folder should now have a few files inside it within a matter of minutes.
- After it finishes, you will see an EULA error.
To continue the process, you will need to accept and read the EULA guidelines.
These guidelines can be viewed by going to the 'eula.txt" file on the server and then opening the file.
Next to EULA, 'False" should be written. This will need to be replaced by 'true.
Save the file to continue.
4. Hosting your Minecraft Server on Windows

You will need to complete a few steps before you can use your Minecraft server. This usually takes between 2 and 4 minutes. However, it can vary depending on your internet speed or your system specs.

- Once you have saved the EULA file, double-click on the start.bat file to open it.
- This will initiate the installation of the server file from the command prompt.
- The 'pause' function in the start.bat file will stop any further installation.
Scroll to the top to check for any errors in the setup.
- If you find errors, type 'help' into the search box and hit the 'Enter" button.
- If there are no errors, your Minecraft server should theoretically be running.
Close the command prompt window after you're done playing. To save your progress and close the server you have set up, type'stop' into the command prompt. Then hit the Enter' key to close the window.

5. Test Your Minecraft Server

Your Minecraft server should now be up and running. You'll need to test your server first. Follow these steps:

- Use the Minecraft launcher to open your Minecraft game.
If you have not yet installed the latest version of the game, the game may be updated.
- Click on the Multiplayer option from the homepage menu.
- The game will automatically search local servers that are running on your computer. This phase can take several minutes.
If your server has not been added automatically after a while, click on the "Add Server" button at the bottom right.
- Enter any server name you would like to use for your server or leave it as it is.
To save your server details, type 'localhost' (or 'o) in the server address.
- The Minecraft server you have created should now be listed in the list.
- Click on the server that you just created, and click the 'Join Server" button to launch it.
6. You can become a server operator

Before you allow your friends and fellow Minecraft players to join your newly created Minecraft server you will need to ensure that you have the best possible control over it. Follow these steps to become a server operator and gain admin access.

- Return to the prompt window for server commands.
- Type "op username" into the command prompt window. Enter your username in-game.
- To execute the command, press the "Enter" button
Once the command has been processed, you should become a server administrator.
7. Invite friends to your Minecraft Server

Now that your Minecraft server has been set up, it's time for you to invite your friends to join the Minecraft world. Things can get a little complicated when you consider so many players, as well as all the compatibilities and requirements.

Join Your Minecraft Server Using the LAN

If they are on the same network as you, your friends can join the Minecraft server the same way you did. This means they should use the same WiFi connection or LAN network as you.

LAN gaming is a great way to ensure smooth gameplay. It provides the best online Minecraft gaming experience with the lowest latency possible. To join your Minecraft server, players will only need to go to the multiplayer section.

Joining Yur Minecraft Server without LAN

However, it will be more difficult if you want to invite friends to join your Minecraft server remotely - without using LAN connectivity. These steps will help you set up your Minecraft server to host players from other places.

- Make sure you have your System Port Settings set up. A System Port is the route other Minecraft players will use to reach your Minecraft online server.
Default port ID is '25565'. Players can change this ID from within the server property.
- Add the following port to your router to allow players to join your Minecraft server.
These steps may seem simple, but every router manufacturer has its own method with different option names to open the System Port. You will need to navigate the QoP and Port Forwarding settings.

- Navigate the router's settings page and click on 'add service', 'create new' or another similar button.
For network-related information, enter your basic server details.
If players are unsure, they can leave optional fields as-is. For the rest of these fields, please use the following information:

The IP address will then be required. It will be the same IPv4 address as your PC's. Follow these steps to find your IPv4 address and IPv6 address:

- Open the Command Prompt by searching the Start menu for "cmd" and clicking to open it.
- Players can also use 'Win + R" keyboard shortcut keys to open the Run prompt. Type in 'cmd to open it.
- Type "ipconfig/all" in the Command prompt
Press Enter.
- The command will list your IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.
These addresses should be entered in the Server IP Address section under the Port Forwarding settings
- This will create an IP address public for your system. Your friends will be able join your Minecraft server without having to reveal any of your private information.
Start Google and type "what is my IP" into the search box. Your public IP address will be displayed in the search results.
- Copy your public IP address by selecting it, pressing 'Ctrl+ C', or right-clicking to select the 'Copy' option.
This IP address should be saved somewhere safe. It will be used to send your friends to join your Minecraft server.
When adding a new multiplayer server, they will need to use this IP address instead of 'localhost'.
Errors in Minecraft Server

Players may encounter a variety of issues when creating their Minecraft server. Many of these issues are easy to fix. Below are the most common errors and their solutions.

Minecraft players can create multiple servers and add them all using the same steps. While there are some errors that may occur when using your Minecraft server for multiplayer Minecraft gaming, most of them can be fixed quickly.