How to advertise your Minecraft server

19 January, 2023

How to advertise your Minecraft server

Minecraft servers work best when there are more people playing the game. It can be difficult to get people to your server, especially for new owners. We will help you with some tips and tricks to help you jump-start your Minecraft server community.

Advertising is a popular way to attract players to your server. Wait! But wait! Once your advertisement has been published, players will begin to sign up for your server. You want them to continue playing and inviting their friends.

This checklist will help you make your server more attractive and retain players. This checklist should be reviewed before you advertise your server.

Tips to increase player retention

Use a custom domain / subdomain (e.g. To make it easier to remember, and to share, use as your server address. You can find our guide here: Setting up a custom server IP (domain / subdomain).

You can choose a server type or game mode that will give you a unique experience.

To encourage new players, invite your friends to join your server. The more you play, the better!