Are Minecraft Servers Safe for my Child?

29 January, 2023

Are Minecraft Servers Safe for my Child?

Minecraft is a favorite game among children and many will want to play with other Minecraft players.

While Minecraft is very kid-friendly, parental controls have been enabled. However, parents may be concerned about their children connecting to Minecraft servers. Besides, there will be other players in the game.

Players can chat and meet up online on a public Minecraft server. Many parents will have questions about this because it's a public server that anyone can join.

This information shows that Minecraft servers are safe for children. Here's what FunTech thinks.

Find the best kid-friendly Minecraft servers

There are thousands of Minecraft servers out there, so it is important to choose and connect to the ones that you feel will have a positive effect on your child.

A quick Google search will reveal a lot of Minecraft servers that are kid-friendly. Here are some things to consider when choosing which server to connect to.

Child-friendly policies: The first thing you should check for when looking for a Minecraft server are their policies. Policies for child-safe servers should include policies against abusive language, disrespectful acts, and inappropriate gameplay. If the server does not have a policy, you should leave. Sanctions for violations: Another thing to consider are the sanctions that will be applied to someone who violates the policy. Look for a Minecraft server with an administrator who is committed to monitoring the community and will not tolerate abusive actions that could hurt someone on the server.

Choose whitelisted Minecraft server

Some Minecraft servers only allow players who have been approved. These servers are known as whitelisted servers. Parents will often be required to fill out a form with the child's information.

Before your child can join the server, an administrator will review the application. This is a great option, especially if you are concerned about the interactions your child might have with other players.

Communicate With Your Child

Always ask your child after every gaming session what they did that day.

Communication is essential at all times. Your child should feel comfortable talking to you about anything that has happened on the server.

Remind your child to not share any personal information, such as their full name, address, or school. You should report any such incidents to the server administrator so that the appropriate actions can taken.

Although there are no guarantees, it is possible for your child to be safer if they connect with one of the Minecraft servers designed for children.

These are some recommended child-safe Minecraft Servers

1. Blocklandia

The server was created in December 2012 and has been immensely popular ever since. It provides guided gameplay for new players, and welcomes players younger than 6 years of age.

Blocklandia is a great place for children who enjoy role-playing with others. It also offers tasks or jobs that players can complete to earn game currency.

2. Famcraft

The server is open to all, but the community policies are strictly enforced. Violators can be kicked, muted or even banned permanently from the server.

Famcraft is an economy-based game server that teaches children about the principles of earning and working in game currencies that they can actually use.

3. Minesquish

Minesquish has many worlds that your children may explore on the server. Osiris is the main world on the server. There are crafting stations, beds, and alchemy stands. Exploration is also available.

The world allows unlimited resource gathering and survival, which resets every two weeks. A Freebuild map is also available, which allows players to create any kind of map they like.

4. The Sandlot

Server Types: Whitelisted

The Sandlot is currently owned by a former teacher and has been in operation since 2011. The server is managed by a former schoolteacher and has been running since 2011.

This server is most popular for its PvP game mode, which is based on the movie The Hunger Games.

5. CrazyPig

Server Type : Public

Crazy Pig is focused on survival mode. It is a small Minecraft server that is family-friendly and has a great community. It uses belts to identify ranks.

Your rank increases as you spend more time on the server. This will allow you to access new worlds and homes that you can set up and design in the way you like.

More information about Minecraft

Mojang has developed Minecraft, an open-world and sandbox videogame. There are two modes to the game: survival and creative.

Survival mode allows players to start with nothing and then build shelter and prepare food.

Creative mode players, on the other hand, start with everything that is already available and can build whatever they want from virtual houses, farms, and any other items they can imagine.

Minecraft encourages creativity and imagination in children. They can use their imagination and bring it to life in the game.

These are some useful tips for Minecraft-loving kids.

Teamwork - As a survival game, it's a great way to help your child develop social and collaborative skills. This will help them in the future, when they meet more people in real life.
Sharing of ideas: Minecraft allows players to share custom-made maps, artworks and house designs, as well as quest maps. This feature allows Minecraft players to share their ideas with others via the public server.
Problem solving skills: Before you can create tools such as a shovel or pickaxe in Minecraft, you need to first discover what resources are required. This presents a problem for your children to solve, which can help them improve their analytical skills.
Bond with your children: Some parents will even play Minecraft alongside their children. Many adults find Minecraft challenging and exciting.